the mix and match project was conceived by myself and chris schooley as a way of friends working collaboratively to educate ourselves and others about music. it started very simply: an exchange of mix cd's and coffee. then we talked more about it and decided to include more people, in an effort to make the result (hopefully) at least somewhat entertaining.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mix and Match vol 5 - submissions from the captain

An interesting topic the immortal words of Camus "It's no use reminding yourself daily that you are mortal: it will be brought home to you soon enough." and so i present for your consideration:

The Descendents - When I Get Old
Sure, they didn't want to grow up, but then Milo went to college and they realized that everything sucks. a great song that reminds you you are a bad mother fucker.

Sugar - Hoover Dam
i loved Husker Du, but i think i may have loved Sugar even more. just the way mould's voice played out in the second trio worked better for me. this particular song is all about doing this episode's assignment: "Standing on the edge/Of the hoover dam/Im on the centerline/Right between two states of mind"

Svarup Damodar Das - Je Anilo Prema-dhana
The actual name of this song is Saparsada-bhagavad-viraha-janita-vilapa, which loosely translates from the sanskrit as "Lamentation due to separation from the Lord and his associates." It was written as a part of a much longer poem called Prarthana by Narottama dasa Thakur an Indian saint from the 15th-16th century. basically Narottama das Thakur is lamenting that he can no longer be with his very devout friends and associates. so deep is his love for them that he sings in the fourth stanza "pasane kutibo matha anale pasibo gauranga gunera nidhi kotha gele pabo", which means "i will smash my head against the rock and enter into the fire. Where will i find the reservoir of all wonderful qualities?" intense, to say the least.