the mix and match project was conceived by myself and chris schooley as a way of friends working collaboratively to educate ourselves and others about music. it started very simply: an exchange of mix cd's and coffee. then we talked more about it and decided to include more people, in an effort to make the result (hopefully) at least somewhat entertaining.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mix and Match vol 4 - submissions from the captain

sorry for the slowness on the file uploads, kids. my compy has been having issues. hopefully tis sorted now. and without further adieu.

jawbreaker - tour song
any person that has been in a band, toured with a band, followed a band, or in some way shape or form done any kind of touring can identify here. this is way before blake schwarzenbach went on his emo kick and he was still kicking ass.

the mountain goats - going to georgia
john darnielle is the mountain goats. no matter what anyone else tries to tell you, you must remember this. john darnielle is the mountain goats. sweet jesus i have a shit ton of early mountain goats stuff, and while it's definitely a love it or hate it kind of vibe, the rawness of his oozing passion just gets me. this song is about getting pissed off and driving to kill someone, then getting to the house and....

brian spahr - asheville
brian did a stint in my hometown, when he wrote this song. i don't really know what happened to him, but i still have his 3 song EP and this is probably the best song on it.

the bartlebees - willst du mit mir gehen?
it's the beautiful poppiness of the bartlebees coupled with german! how fun! the translation of the title is "do you want to go with me?"


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