the mix and match project was conceived by myself and chris schooley as a way of friends working collaboratively to educate ourselves and others about music. it started very simply: an exchange of mix cd's and coffee. then we talked more about it and decided to include more people, in an effort to make the result (hopefully) at least somewhat entertaining.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mix and Match vol 4 - submissions from Mike

Sorry for the delay folks – but, better late than being the first one I always say. This one was a bit tougher than I originally envisioned…but it could be my mind has been other places. Anyway, here goes:

Tribe of Heaven – In God’s Country
Yes, a U2 song, but arguably one of their best. This version is from a group called Tribe of Heaven, which is made up of two bartenders, Steve Roebuck and Dave Matthews. Steve was the more accomplished musician at the time, but it was Dave who would go onto much bigger things, namely a band with his own name. The song itself really has nothing to do with traveling or a vacation at all – supposedly Bono wrote it after viewing the Statue of Liberty and thought America was losing its way (it's moral compass). Anyway, from the time I was 15 until about 30, I went camping at Devils Lake, near Baraboo, Wisconsin, every year and this song was always played on the way into the park on those trips.

Dave Alvin – New Highway
This guy has explored the roots of music, and embodies most of them – from folk, blues, country and good ole rock n roll. This album and song is a bit bluesy/countryish and contains some awesome acoustic guitar picking. Love this song as I am driving down the highway.

Joe Satriani – Summer Song
The Joe-ster, the Satch-meister, whatever you want to call him, few have matched his hard driving style. No lyrics whatsoever, this song makes me want to pack up a cooler of cold ones, put the top down on the car, and drive to the ocean. Powerful song.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Great Googely-Boogely

Holy Damn, go to and watch the video link he has of Can playing "Paper House" on the totally freakin awesome German music programme Beat Club. You'll have to scroll down the page a little, but check the rest of the blog out as well. What a monster.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

mix and match

Hey ya'll...sorry I have not posted for the latest yet...had a few weeks of travel HELL...but, am back in the saddle and will do it tonight over a bottle of apologies!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Peep this website, they've got some Punk Rock bootlegs. Some are pretty good quality and others are so so... just thought I would pass it along. yeah...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mix & Match Vol. 4- submissions from the Prof.

You can't go home again.
My hometown was recently in the news again. A large Crystal Meth ring was busted for smuggling their product in Extreme Tickle-Me Elmo dolls, so I guess I know what I'm getting for Xmas. Greeley, Colorado might be familiar to those of you who read Fast Food Nation as having one of the nation's largest feedlots, slaughterhouses, and meat-packing plants. They burn the blood and remains on Thursday, every other day it just smells like money.

Grizzly Bear - Colorado
This is a fairly brand new song, but it sends me swirling back to that summer and autumn that I haunted the Poudre Canyon. The Milky Way, Mountain Lions, burnt forest, and weeks on end living inside of the clouds. And then coming back down the mountain to Greeley and those months that I asked myself "What now?".

Melvin Van Peebles - Come On Feet
Sweet Sweetback says run goddammit. The next Autumn I moved to Chicago. Must have run all day.

Sly and the Family Stone - Runnin' Away
Finally you run far enough and you can see clearly. You can't go home again, but you're gonna have to sooner or later. Hopefully before then you've gotten new shoes and paid the dues. Remember, it's a longer trip back home.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mix and Match vol 4 - submissions from Mr. Bozo T.

Gram Parsons- Return of the Grievous Angel
the long overdosed cosmic cowboy angel takes me back to another time when my life was truckers, parking lots and breaks between them at Little America. A great travelin companion.

Stanley Brothers-The Fields Have Turned Brown
Recorded in 1948 (and a lil scratchy sounding), this is a song about how you cant go home again. Kinda sad too...

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes-On the Road Again
You wont doze at the wheel with this one turned up.

Mix and Match vol 4 - submissions from the captain

sorry for the slowness on the file uploads, kids. my compy has been having issues. hopefully tis sorted now. and without further adieu.

jawbreaker - tour song
any person that has been in a band, toured with a band, followed a band, or in some way shape or form done any kind of touring can identify here. this is way before blake schwarzenbach went on his emo kick and he was still kicking ass.

the mountain goats - going to georgia
john darnielle is the mountain goats. no matter what anyone else tries to tell you, you must remember this. john darnielle is the mountain goats. sweet jesus i have a shit ton of early mountain goats stuff, and while it's definitely a love it or hate it kind of vibe, the rawness of his oozing passion just gets me. this song is about getting pissed off and driving to kill someone, then getting to the house and....

brian spahr - asheville
brian did a stint in my hometown, when he wrote this song. i don't really know what happened to him, but i still have his 3 song EP and this is probably the best song on it.

the bartlebees - willst du mit mir gehen?
it's the beautiful poppiness of the bartlebees coupled with german! how fun! the translation of the title is "do you want to go with me?"

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mix and Match vol. 4 submissions from Joe

On the road again...

Fats Domino - Walking to New Orleans
This song is about a guy walking home after his girl spends all his money, as only Fats Domino can sing it. Rough times.

Dropkick Murphys - The Wild Rover
Drinking song about a travelin' prodigal son who is about to repent. Listen for the tin whistle during the chorus, the barroom in the background adds a nice touch too.

Jackie Greene - Gone Wanderin'
Another tale of heartbreak about a rambling man who just can't seem to stop wandering.

Crown City Rockers - Weekend Soul
Funky, Roots-esque hip-hop from a group that has members hailing from the Berklee School of Music in Boston. Stream of conscious/social commentary from the emcee while he's strolling through his neighborhood. Sit back, relax, and let the beat flow..

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mix and Match vol 4 - submissions from mailea

Looks like I'd better get the ball rolling with some tracks!

Tenacious D - The Road

This song is about the hardships of being on the road. It's not easy to wake up at the crack of noon and decide what t shirt you are going to wear before you do deep knee rock squats. But that's the choice you make when you are as hardcore as Jack Black.

Lindsay Buckingham - Holiday Road

It's worth listening to this one just to hear Lindsay bark like a dog.

The Smiths - Back to the Old House

Did you ever go to the neighborhood that you grew up in to see what your house looks like now? Well, if you haven't, it's a bad idea. I don't recommend it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mix and Match vol. 4

Lots of people are traveling this time of year -- visiting (or escaping) relatives, or maybe just using up the last of their vacation time. So I thought we should do a travel mix, and I'm calling it "You Can't Go Home Again."

Feel free to include any songs about traveling, being on the road, family vacations, or going back home.

Have fun and don't forget to follow the rules!