the mix and match project was conceived by myself and chris schooley as a way of friends working collaboratively to educate ourselves and others about music. it started very simply: an exchange of mix cd's and coffee. then we talked more about it and decided to include more people, in an effort to make the result (hopefully) at least somewhat entertaining.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mix and Match vol 5 - submissions from mailea

Confession: I'm a big sap. The songs that follow have each made me cry pretty much every time I listen to them. Not everyone is as soft as I am, so fear not. These three songs each deal with the death of a loved one, because that issue is close to my heart.

White Stripes - Death Letter

Despite the fact that this song has one of the most smokin' guitar solos of all time, the lyrics actually tell a very sad and sweet love story.

Emiliana Torrini - The Boy Who Giggled So Sweet

Emiliana's pure, clear voice narrates the tale of a mother and her son. I don't know how she got through it without breaking into tears, because it's just that heartbreaking. I think her voice makes the song even more melancholy than it would have been if sung by anyone else.

Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine

This is a remake of an old standard. Jeff's song often dealt with death and dying, which is of course ironic because he died so young himself. The emotion in his vocals during this one really packs a wallop.


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