the mix and match project was conceived by myself and chris schooley as a way of friends working collaboratively to educate ourselves and others about music. it started very simply: an exchange of mix cd's and coffee. then we talked more about it and decided to include more people, in an effort to make the result (hopefully) at least somewhat entertaining.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Mix and Match vol. 3 - Submissions from Mailea

I love Halloween! I have already been making Halloween mixes for my friend, so I just had to jump right in for this one.

Here are three of my favorite creepy tunes:

The Specials - Ghost Town
Normally, you wouldn't think ska could sound spooky but this totally does. It's the background vocals that make this song the gem that it is.

Sufjan Stevens - They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!! Ahhhhh!
Yeah, I know, Sufjan has been blogged to death. I can't help but love this song anyways. Again, I dig on the background vocals more than anything. I always picture zombie cheerleaders chanting, "I - L - L - I - N - O - I - S!"

Oingo Boingo - Who Do You Want To Be Today?
To me this song is about dressing up in costume and pretending to be someone else.

If anyone wants to see it I will put up a picture of myself dressed as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas...


Blogger Captain Shitknife said...

i've got my favorite costume as my profile picture: Manwhore (Lucha Libre outfit, with Kung-Fu Grip)

5:57 PM

Blogger mailea said...

I like your costume!! :)

Kung-Fu Grip is essential.

8:27 PM


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